What Phineas and Ferb character are you?

Hello how are you?Thank you for taking my quiz,where you can find out which Phineas and Ferb character you are most like. You can either get Phineas the leader, Ferb the man of few words,Candace the snich,Isabella the optomist,balgeit the smarty,or buifford the bully.

Find out here!Please feel free to advertise your quizzes on the comments section and please rate.If you rate highly then i will make more new and better exciting quizzes,but i need your rating to know if my quizzes are good enough to keep making.Please enjoy!

Created by: pie11

  1. What color is your phone?
  2. Which sounds best like you?
  3. What would would you most likely say?
  4. If you went camping with family and friends what would you rather do?
  5. What two colors do you like best?
  6. What is your style?
  7. Hi
  8. If you whre actually in the cartoon who would you have a crush on?
  9. comment and rate?
  10. bye

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Quiz topic: What Phineas and Ferb character am I?