What personality do you attract?

Everyone has someone out there waiting for them, and each of these ppl fall under some sort of category. But what category? This quiz is so unique that it will tell you just who your "signifigant other" will be!!

Just who is ur signifigant other? Well if this quiz is right he/she is either an athlete, popular kid, geek, or down-to earth kid. Hope u get what u wanted when u take this quiz!!

Created by: Taylor
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. R u?
  2. R u?
  3. R u?
  4. R u?
  5. R u?
  6. School important?
  7. R u artistic?
  8. R u?
  9. Musical?
  10. U like what kind of ppl?
  11. Church?
  12. Description time!! U r?
  13. U r?
  14. U r?
  15. U r? (BE HONEST!!!)
  16. Technology freak?
  17. Watch a lot of TV?
  18. Like sports?
  19. Do u play:
  20. Do u watch sports?
  21. R u in a clique at school?
  22. Always in trouble?
  23. I know this is getting old, but the results r worth it, right?
  24. How many hours do u spend messing around on ur computer each week? (NOT including internet)
  25. Could u go a week without TV?
  26. What type of person do u think u attract?
  27. How many movies have u seen in theater in the last month?
  28. Should NASCAR be considered a sport?
  29. When did u get ur first "real" (mouth 2 mouth) kiss?
  30. Do u even care?
  31. Perfect date?
  32. When did ur parents let u date?
  33. Stay up all night?
  34. Describe urself:
  35. This is almost over, r u happy?
  36. Y are u taking this quiz in the first place?
  37. Which character r u in Cinderella?
  38. Did u know that u only have 3 Q's left?!!
  39. R politics important to u?
  40. Was this quiz stupid?

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Quiz topic: What personality do I attract?