what pal are you?

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if you love the pals and would like to find out witch one you are this quiz is perfect for you. take the quiz and find out who you are! nthnjfntjngjntjng had to have over 150 charecters XD

also this is my first quix]z so no hate please and also follow my socials they will be listed down below :) dont have to if you dont want to. hghhghghghhgghghghg sorry had to have over 150 charecters XD

Created by: Hayley

  1. how old are you
  2. what gender are you?
  3. whats your favorite color
  4. whats your favorite type of music
  5. Whos your favorite pal
  6. favorite ship
  7. What pet do you want?
  8. what job do you want when your older
  9. do you like the pals?
  10. do you have siblings

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Quiz topic: What pal am I?