What NBA Superstar Are You?

Which NBA superstar player are you? Are you a point guard, shooting guard, forward, or a center? Are you a defensive star or offensive? FIND OUT. Now.

Created by: LeBron James VII
  1. Can You Shoot It Well?
  2. Can you rebound?
  3. Can you pass well?
  4. What type of city do you like to play in?
  5. Do you play good defense?
  6. Dribbling. How good can you dribble?
  7. What type of gear?
  8. Are you clutch?
  9. Do you like to get lots of money?
  10. What city would you like to play in?
  11. Jersey Colors?
  12. Are you nice?
  13. Tall or Short?
  14. Strong or Weak?
  15. Fast or Slow?
  16. Tattoos; Yes or No?
  17. Are you very smart?

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Quiz topic: What NBA Superstar am I?