What naruto character you are?

You always wanna to no what naruto charater you are well here it is you must like this and i will post websites like this all the time and please do some of the other quizes it would be nice

even know we only put a couple chraters its still fun and i hope you enjoy this quize its my first quize i put on a website so if i do good please leave a comment

Created by: Brandon
  1. What your desire if someone in your family kill your whole family
  2. Whats your favorite animal
  3. How much do u like your family
  4. do you seek power
  5. do get hurt easy
  6. how high can you jump
  7. how powerful are you
  8. how high can you jump
  9. do u have a grude
  10. how fast can u run
  11. do u seek power
  12. how much do u way
  13. do u like bugs
  14. do u like fighting with animals

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