What naruto character are you

here you can take a quiz on what naruto character are you and the results are all of my favorite naruto characters. i just got really bored so i threw it together and ta-da ^-^ soo i hope you like it and have fun o and if you hate the results then you suck cas thous are my men!!!

sooo come on and take this quiz 0.0 now for random cat dog your mom hi andhf dhgbvgjgn gjgnghkdjghdkgh ggdkighkj gdrjtirhtkjnhg grtrigh grjkthdrjknhgt ruthrkjdhg jhgdrjkg jrtgjkfdngjkd gjkdrngjnn gjhgjkdngjkdn gfndgkldfngklndl gdfknjgkldfgnjdklf gkdfngkldfnn

Created by: OXitachiOX

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. kk whats your fav color?
  2. kk do you like pigs?
  3. do you have a seceret crush??
  4. do you have any friends??
  5. if you had to chose between a bear and a dog what would it be??
  6. kk lets get serious... if you where to pick an element what would it be??
  7. if you had a dollar what would you do with it??
  8. kk do you like this quiz???
  9. kk are you still here??
  10. .....bye

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Quiz topic: What naruto character am I