What mythological creature are you?

Ever wonder what you'd be in a world where mythological creatures exist? Dragons, unicorns, fairies, centaurs, elves....there are so many creatures.

Figure out which one you are by taking this quiz. No matter what creature you are, you're still pretty cool for even looking at this quiz. I tried to stick as close to mythological facts as I could.

Created by: hollissenoelle
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  1. You're favorite TV show/movie's plot prominently features:
  2. Your favorite color is:
  3. Your reason you're going to the mall:
  4. In art class, you're given an assignment to paint a scene from your favorite fairytale. You paint a scene from:
  5. You're told you're going to the Rocky Mountains for your summer vacation. Your response:
  6. Your hobby:
  7. So far, you think of this quiz as:
  8. You're new on a sports team and a complete stranger walks up to you and asks for your name. You:
  9. If you found out today that you have secret magical powers you'd:
  10. If you had a time machine, you'd go back to:
  11. Pick a random word below:

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Quiz topic: What mythological creature am I?