What mythical creature are you ?

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This will test if you if you are a mermaid , dragon , werewolf or fairy . I spent alot of time on this so if it bad tell me in the comments . Have a good time .

Please. Enjoy. And. Tell. Me. What. You. Got. ( I have got dragon ! ) Also tell me what you got in the comments section . I hope you got what you wanted .

Created by: pj
  1. What type of food do you like ?
  2. What would your bff describe you as ?
  3. Which season do you prefer ?
  4. What do you perfer ? ( not skin colour )
  5. Are you ...
  6. What do you think about books ?
  7. How well do you cope if some one forces you out of your home ?
  8. One of your speicies goes in your house , but is trying to be friends with you . what do you do .
  9. What do you talk like ( your animal that you think your going to be )
  10. what do you think of this quiz

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Quiz topic: What mythical creature am I ?