What Mystical creature are you??

This quiz will tell you what mystical creature you are depending on your choices, each question will rate you for one of the results, it depends on how many good points you got for one thing to get that answer.

In my own opinion this is not that good, but I think you will be surprised with the end result, it tells you if it thinks your single or not!! You will enjoy answering these questions, I'm sure of it.

Created by: mitarkyl000

  1. What is your favorite type of music?????
  2. Night or Day??
  3. Color??
  4. Evil or Good?
  5. Scream for no reason or for a reason??
  6. Screamo or emo??
  7. Candy or Healthy?
  8. Ice cream or Ice pops??
  9. Pets or no pets?
  10. Red juice or blue juice?

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Quiz topic: What Mystical creature am I??