What military branch are you in

no matter what branch you got you can choose what branch you join. Just know that whatever one you choose you are brave and you are helping this country.

It is not easy to join the armed services. you have to go through a grueling boot camp. you must be diciplined and strong willed. make sure you are ready.

Created by: EmmaL1nd
  1. what are you most fearful of
  2. what do you want to do
  3. are you a nerd
  4. what is your favorite color
  5. how well do you follow orders
  6. are you good at keeping a low profile and lying. For covert operations.
  7. are you good with a gun
  8. do you like this quiz
  9. would you recomend this to a friend
  10. which one do you want ( no affect )

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Quiz topic: What military branch am I in