What Member of the Outsiders Gang are You?

You need to answer these questions about yourself to find out what Outsiders Gang character you are. The results may be surprising. Who knows what might happen.

You can find out a lot about yourself and the characters in the book if you take this Quiz. Good luck and answer completely truthfully. Don't bend the truth to make yourself look good.

Created by: Quinton Grant

  1. Do you work hard at things you need to do?
  2. Do you get your homework done always. Unless you can't
  3. Do you like to pick fights?
  4. Do you stick up for your brothers and is always nice?
  5. Are you a wisecracker and always making jokes.
  6. Are you very jumpy to things?
  7. Do you get annoyed when people intrude on you.
  8. Do you like to run and work out?
  9. Do you like to read books?
  10. Did you answer all of the Questions truthfully?

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Quiz topic: What Member of the Outsiders Gang am I?