What member of the band are you?

A band is made of many members. Sometimes they aren't necessary, but five members are always needed. The bassist, singer, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, and the drummer. Discover which one you are!

Do you have the will to take this quiz? It will haunt you, your answer. Don't take this quiz if you are afraid of discovering the truth of your fate...

Created by: Colton
  1. Would you describe yourself as an outgoing person, Or a shy person?
  2. What do you drink after a long day?
  3. Your friend is buying dinner for you, where do you go?
  4. When you listen to music, what do you listen for?
  5. Imagine you weren't told your lines in a play. What do you do?
  6. What do you do in most of your spare time?
  7. What is your best sport?
  8. Describing yourself in one word would be...
  9. You like lyrics that...
  10. You have just won a million dollars! What do you do?

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Quiz topic: What member of the band am I?