What Melanie Martinez song best describes your relationship?

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Melanie Martinez has a bunch of good songs about strange relationships or break-ups. From the dangerous romance of Teddy Bear and Tag your it. To th-

-e childish relationship of Training wheels and Carousel this quiz has it all. So go ahead, take this quiz and find out what Melanie Martinez song best describes your relationship.

Created by: Ray Mic Mac

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  1. Is it a crush?
  2. Are you cheating on someone to be with him?
  3. Is he clingy? AKA you have no alone time, he looks through all your stuff, can't keep his hand off of you etc.
  4. Does he call you mean names?
  5. Does a lot of other girls like him?
  6. Has he broken your trust?
  7. Do people call you a "perfect couple?"
  8. Be honest. Should you break up?
  9. Do you think he's a player?
  10. Do you think about your future together?
  11. What is your relationship?
  12. Was there a specific time you could point to and say "That was the good old days," and now you're just waiting for your love to re-kindle or a break up?
  13. Have you ever lost a guy because you're too desperate or clingy?
  14. Do you think that your relationship problems are just in your head?
  15. Does he have a long list of Ex's?

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Quiz topic: What Melanie Martinez song best describes my relationship?