What medium sized dog should you get?

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Do you want a medium sized dog but not know what breed to get? This is the quiz for you! Answer fifteen easy questions and find out what dog is meant for you!

These don't include every dog breed. Don't pick answers because you think it would lead towards a certain type of dog, answer honestly. When you are done, please rate this quiz!

Created by: Avery
  1. Would you rather have a...
  2. Is someone in your house allergic to dogs?
  3. If you said yes for question two, how bad is the allergy?
  4. What kind of environment do you live in?
  5. How long would you have to leave your dog home alone each day?
  6. How big of a yard do you have?
  7. What sized house/apartment do you have
  8. Will you take your dog on a walk/run up to four times a day?
  9. How much will you play with your dog?
  10. How much do you like dogs on a scale from 1-5?
  11. Do you have kids in your family?
  12. If you said no to question eleven, are you planning to have kids around in the near future?
  13. Do you currently have a dog now?
  14. Have you had a dog in the past?
  15. Did you like this quiz? (This is a bonus question and does not change your results)

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Quiz topic: What medium sized dog should I get?