what makes you special?!

everyone is different. some of us are clever, some of us are beautiful, some of us are mean, some of us are shy, but what makes you, you?! we all have talents and were all special for one reason or another.

the question is that reason that makes you special?! all you have to do is answer 14 questions to find out why people like you and what your personality is. its a really great quiz.

Created by: lisa

  1. what colour hair have you got?
  2. do you have lots of blemishes?
  3. have you got a crooked nose?
  4. what talents have you got?
  5. are you confident?
  6. do you follow the latest fashions?
  7. if someone asks you to do a job will you do it?
  8. whats your favourite colour combination out of these?
  9. what kind of outfit would you wear on a summers day?
  10. what movies are you into?
  11. how many friends have you got?
  12. how would people describe you most?

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