What Magical Creature Are You?

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This quiz informs you what magical animal you are take it to find out which one you are. Fast and easy only ten easy questions great quiz totally take it!

If you have ever wondered what magical creature you are take this quiz to find out! Awseome quiz take this test to see what you are super cool take this if your bored.

Created by: unkown
  1. Introvert or extrovert.
  2. Shorts and T-shirt or skirt and cute sweater.
  3. Beauty and the beast or how to train your dragon.
  4. Video games or trampoline park.
  5. Flower garden or vegetbale garden?
  6. Sci-fi or romance.
  7. Wich trait do you have less of.
  8. Prince/princess or warrior.
  9. Which kids cartoon do you prefer?
  10. Final question!!! Sweet or sour.

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Quiz topic: What Magical Creature am I?