What magical creature are you?

Some people have special abilities,and aren't exactly humans. Take this test to figure out what you truly are,and make sure you make honest anserws, because lying isn't cool.

This quiz is to see if you are higher then you you think, in supernatural abilities, that is. Just anserw the question, and move on. There are 12 questions and 5 results. Good luck!

Created by: BatBoy00

  1. Which one?
  2. Whats your favorite food?
  3. What word best describes you?
  4. Are you a....
  5. How do you fight of opponents?
  6. Which weapon?
  7. How many siblings?
  8. What habitat?
  9. Wats your favorite color.
  10. FINAL QUESTION: what do you see in a realationship?

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Quiz topic: What magical creature am I?