What magical creature are you

Some people like me sometimes wonder about what Would I be if I was an magic creature?Heres the answer!You can be a blood sucker or a hairy warewolf!So a part of my point is that if you beileve one day you might well be it for halloween!XD

My point is that If your a genuis you'll know your answer to it.And thats it.Hope you enjoy my new quiz.And maybe after do another one!So good luck!!!

Created by: cats

  1. Do you like blood?
  2. Which of these Girl names do you like most?
  3. If you had one wish that you could use what would you use it on?
  4. What colour do you like
  5. Oh yeah,Which of these do you like? :
  6. Which of these do you like?
  7. What do you eat every single day?
  8. If you had a chose of a wild animal what would it be?
  9. Favourite Tv show?
  10. (Last one)Do you like cats or bats?

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Quiz topic: What magical creature am I