What Lightsaber Form Would You Use?

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This was made by a huge Star Wars geek, and I hope it pays off. Please answer each question honestly, and this will help you to find the lightsaber form that fits you best.

You could also check out Geetsly's breakdowns of all the lightsaber forms. They will help you gain an understanding of the philosophy of each form and the general objective of each form.

Created by: Advanced_Gaming
  1. What do you rely on the most?
  2. What is your battle philosophy?
  3. Do you act on emotion?
  4. Do you draw strength from pain?
  5. Who has the highest chance of victory against you?
  6. Which did your form introduce?
  7. What lightsaber color do you have?
  8. What lightsaber do you use?
  9. What do your strokes aim to do?
  10. Who do you fight like?
  11. Is there death?
  12. Is there peace?
  13. Do you act on anger?
  14. Who do you take orders from?
  15. What is the easiest way to defeat an enemy?
  16. How much does offense matter in a duel?
  17. How much does defense matter?
  18. What would you spend most of your training time doing?
  19. What is your combat style?
  20. Defeat an enemy or save an enemy?
  21. Favorite Force power?
  22. Are you willing to master multiple forms?
  23. How much does energy consumption matter?
  24. Weapon of choice?
  25. Where are you leading an army from?
  26. When dueling, are you?
  27. Who would be the most likely to defeat you in one-on-one combat?
  28. Is Rey a Skywalker
  29. Choose a faction
  30. "The time has come. Execute Order Sixty-Six." What is your reaction to these chilling words?
  31. Speed or strength?
  32. Mobility or Speed/strength?
  33. Skill or Power?
  34. Fists during a duel?
  35. Would you do the Obi-Ani in a fight?
  36. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

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