What Kind Of Survivalist Are You?

This quiz, rather than evaluating your chances of surviving a given apocalypse, will assess HOW you will survive the apocalypse in whatever form it takes. Attitude, expectations, and planning are the most important aspects of survival training, far more than knowing how to properly use any one tool or technique.

Keep in mind that none of the scenarios or options included in this quiz are a substitute for actual training and education in survival skills. Please do not use anything included in this quiz during an actual life or death emergency.

Created by: Mike
  1. Long before the apocalypse, in the world before the fall, we were young once. Choose your favorite childhood toy from the list below, or the closest match.
  2. Starting fires is a key survival skill. What is your preferred fire starting tool?
  3. What do you consider the best food supply in the post-apocalypse?
  4. For better or worse, you have to go on a long trip far from your shelter, bunker, or stomping grounds. Choose your preferred form of transportation, or the closest match, from the list below.
  5. Uh oh. Either through violent combat or bad luck, you've been seriously injured. The good news is that you've diagnosed the problem and you have the skills, knowledge, and resources to treat yourself and make a full recovery. What do you do?
  6. During the initial chaos of the end of the world, what dangers and threats worried you the most?
  7. There's another survivor out there with ambitious plans, and they hate you with the intensity of a thousand suns because you managed to foil those plans. What did you do to piss them off so badly?
  8. We all have to go sometime. What will you leave behind for other survivors to find to shape the future of the new world?
  9. The time has come to rebuild civilization from scratch! What is the most important skill you plan to pass on to the next generation?
  10. Bonus Round! Your post-apocalyptic adventures and misadventures have earned you an easily recognizable nickname. Choose the title from the list below that most closely matches your preferred alias.

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