What kind of student are you?

Studying takes much time of you life, from when you are little untill you are an adult and after that you go to the university. You study and learn things you whole life long.

But how do you behave at school? What kind of student are you? Are you the important one who can do everything he/she wants? Or are you a nice student who helps other students and teachers? Or are you just the smart one who loves to learn new things.

Created by: Amelien
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  1. At midnight, you receive a message from your lover that he/she doesn't want you anymore, he/she says it's over.
  2. Your school organises different evenements. The students can volonteer for helping at the evenements.
  3. Your teacher isn't interesting enough, it is hard to follow the lesson.
  4. There is a test, but you can't answer a single question right, what do you do?
  5. It's friday and there is a test monday.
  6. You have to do an after school activity. Which one do you chose?
  7. You follow music lessons. Which instrument do you play?
  8. A teacher says you have to follow extra lessons after school, but you hate him/here.
  9. Which animal do you prefer to have at home?
  10. Do you wear make-up at school?

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Quiz topic: What kind of student am I?