What kind of sock should you wear

This quiz is for people who want to know what sock to wear. I base my facts off of my life and what I have seen. If u are wanting to know what kind of sock to wear take this quiz.

I can not promise this will be 100 percent right. So please don't just think this is the perfect quiz. I hope it tells you the right type of socks to wear and it answers ur question?

Created by: Philip Wagner

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are u into sports?
  2. Are or were u popular in school?
  3. what do u think of school work
  4. What kind of shoes do u wear
  5. What way do u like to dress?
  6. What pants do u wear?
  7. Would want to wear a sock the went good with everything?
  8. Do ur feet get cold easy?
  9. What is ur favorite thing to do?
  10. What person do u think u r?

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Quiz topic: What kind of sock should I wear