what kind of rocker are you?

rockers come in many ways shapes and forms. whitch one are you? i have devised this engenius test to help you. yes i am a genius... riiight! i will one day rule the world. hahahahaha!

you really want to know? what kind of rocker do you think you are? if you are a rocker... are you decieving me? because decievers are like fish... they're ugly and smelly!

Created by: brinti
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who would you rather see in consert?
  2. when you go to hottopic, what do you look at first?
  3. if someone said "Hey come to a party with me?" what would you say?
  4. if someone said "Hey come to a party with me?" what would you say?
  5. are you parents cool?
  6. how often do you ditch school?
  7. where is your facorite place to eat?
  8. what color is your hair?
  9. how long is your hair?
  10. what do you think about tight pants?
  11. what energy drink do you prefer?
  12. whitch kind of chips do you like?
  13. what is your dream car?

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Quiz topic: What kind of rocker am I?