What kind of pet are you?

Ever wonder what pet you are the most similar with? Well here is your answer. In this quiz, you will figure out which, of many common pets are like you.

Will you have one of the pets? Do you have all of these pets? Which do you cope with the best? Do you favor any of these pets? Will you get your favorite pet? Find out now and take your quiz!

Created by: Blah

  1. What would you do on a Friday night?
  2. What is your favorite season?
  3. Are you social
  4. What do you like to do?
  5. Do you freak out if you are not clean?
  6. Are you a day person or a night person?
  7. Do you prefer meat or veggies?
  8. How do you like your eggs?
  9. What type of animal is your favorite?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What kind of pet am I?