It's that time of the year, man, what are you?

This type of quiz takes in what you do, what you'd prefer, how you fix a negative situation, reputation, stereotype, influences, and sociability. It's fun also, trust me

The seasons are in four: Summer; fun, easy, unknown. Spring; Helping, positive, bright. Winter; Etiquette, charming, realistic. Autumn; curious, emotional, dedicated. Which are you?

Created by: Akeeylae Johnson
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  1. Hey, I like cheesecake, friends, sports, and sneakers.
  2. You don't have a mirror around. You ask your friend, "Hey, is my hair okay?" They say back, "Yeah it's..." (not really a boy question)
  3. What's your bf/gf type? Are they gorgeous?
  4. Finish the rap: I walk by a bus, and to my surprise,
  5. Why would blue be your favorite color?
  6. Which group is more of you?
  7. Who's your fav. teacher of the two?
  8. Waiting for a job interview is so boring so,
  9. What's the perfect moment alone at your place?
  10. If you were of the opposite gender, what would you be like?
  11. Which group of animals are you likely to hang around if you could?
  12. Obvious. Just click

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Quiz topic: It's that time of the year, man, what am I?