What kind of person do you attract

You can attract many people based on your personality or your looks or your smartness or your athletisism. It all depends and in this quiz you will find out.

Do you have what it takes then that is good. i am jst blabbing on because i think this is pretty boring ya just take the quiz peeps. Show your friends ya'll show your friends.

Created by: koko

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  1. what is your hair color
  2. how many hours do you spend on the computer
  3. how would you like to change your hair
  4. do you play a sport
  5. do you ever go shopping
  6. Where do you go
  7. whose your role model
  8. how many boys have you kissed
  9. idk peanut butter or pea or butt
  10. do you go to parties

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Quiz topic: What kind of person do I attract