What kind of movie are you?

You love movies, right? Well what kind are you, Horror/Action, Scifi/Fantesy, Comedy, Romance, or the boring kind that no one watchs? You answer the questions and we calculate your results, it's easy as pie! I love pie!!!

Horror, Romance, Scifi, What are you? You watch movies, but if your life was a movie what would it be? Are you a crazy comedy... Or a total hero? You'll find out here! Just take the quiz, it's fun! Good Luck!!!

Created by: Lily

  1. Age 7, what did you draw?
  2. Your at the Fair, Where are you?
  3. Who do/did you sit with at lunch?
  4. What's your fave kids movie?
  5. What's your fave type of movie?
  6. Which are you?
  7. You are a
  8. Fave colors?
  9. Fave Food?
  10. Did you like this Quiz!

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Quiz topic: What kind of movie am I?