What Kind Of Little Are You? (Boy Version)

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This is a quiz to help littles (boys) to find out their personality/little type!~ It is not recommended to take if you are not a little! Please, no disrespecting the mdlb/ddlb/abdl community!

Welcome to my quiz! Not all littles are girls so I decided to make a quiz for littles that are boys, to help figure out what kind of little they are! Please refrain from making fun of the cgl/abdl community!

Created by: Echo

  1. 🎨Favorite color?
  2. 🐳Favorite animal?
  3. 🧸My security item?
  4. 🍭Favorite snacks?
  5. 🎮Free time activities?
  6. 😻What nickname makes your heart melt when your mommy/daddy calls you it?
  7. 💬Common phrase often said to your caregiver?
  8. 🤝Are you clingy?
  9. 📽Favorite movie company?
  10. 🧶Cutest outfit style?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Little am I? (Boy Version)