What kind of gun are YOU!!!!!!

Have you ever wondered what kind of gun you maybe. well stop wondering!!!!!! take this quiz now and see if you can score the highest result you can possibly receive in this quiz!!!

I decided to make this quiz because of 2 reasons) 1. this is the only site that'll let me do it without making an entire account. and 2.i felt like it.

Created by: mark

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you crazy?
  2. what is your mood right now?
  3. what kind of music are you into
  4. (random question time!!!!) do you like chicken
  5. when someone says war what do you think of
  6. do you play any shooting type games
  7. what kind of candy do you like
  8. (random question time!!!!!!) do you like to play sports
  9. if you could go any where right now where would it be
  10. did you like this quiz at all

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Quiz topic: What kind of gun am I!!!!!!