What kind of Football player are you?

hello my name is chester and i think that i am a person and i live some where and i also think that when people play sporths that they get good stuff like ure mom

What type of football player are you? what and are you that he us was done bad black chiken small hoem up down turn around i think that this quiz sucks and i think that i dont want to do it any more and i dont want to write this stupid thing about nothing

Created by: Eamon
  1. The ball is about to be hiked, what are you doing?
  2. Some one has the ball and is running down the field, what are you doing?
  3. The ball is in the air, where are you on the field?
  4. Your strong points are?
  5. A big guy is barreling at you, what do you do with the ball?
  6. High lights of the game for you?
  7. The other team try's a running play, what are you doing?
  8. After the game your?
  9. Your killing the other team, you decide to do something new, what is it?
  10. Only your position wears this during games.

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Quiz topic: What kind of Football player am I?