what kind of duelist are you

yu-gi-oh is a fun game but some find boring well they are idiots its one of the best games i have played ever.so please don't be mean and be a jerk to all who play it if your one of those people.

if your one of those people then don't take this quiz i recommend that you think well about yourself.this will tell you what type of duelist you are from king of games to drop out.

Created by: harrison

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you find more handy fusions or riuals.
  2. which fusion do you like better.
  3. which ritual is better.
  4. what do you think of the Egyptian gods.
  5. your opponent summons exodia successfully and has 200 LP what do you do.
  6. you have a fusion gate activated and you have a dark magician & a buster blader on the field and your opponent has a face down magic/trap which you know is a trap hole what do you do.
  7. over all what type of duelist do you think you are.
  8. if you were yugi would you verse kiba
  9. you are a...
  10. if you could duel 1 person who would it be.

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Quiz topic: What kind of duelist am I