What Kind Of Dragon Are You?

Learn what type of Dragon you are. (Water Dragon, Earth Dragon, and Fire Dragon) I couldn't think of another type so :P But I hope you enjoy it and be sure to like this quiz for more. :D But please don't put any hate comments

Thank you for taking this quiz I hope you enjoyed :) I liked making this but couldn't come up with anything so :( But anyways thanks for taking it if you did and yea :D Have a Great and Wonderful Day

Created by: Elkey

  1. What do you prefer doing on spare time (Out of the answers below)
  2. Do you go outside much?
  3. Have any friends?
  4. What is your hobby (Out of the ones listed below)
  5. What is your favorite Colour?
  6. Anti Social or Social?
  8. I'm just kidding... just a few extra questions, ok?
  9. it's a magical choosing... pick one of the following...
  10. Which is the most interesting in these options?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Dragon am I?