What kind of dark dragon are you most like?

Have you ever taken on of those what type of dragon are you quizzes? Did you get a dark dragon? Did you wonder what type of dark dragon? If you answered yes to all these questions, then take this quiz.

This quiz is about which of five dark dragons ( shattered, night, starlight, fox, and bramble) you are most like. I have not put all of the dark dragons on here, only five.

Created by: Darkdragonlover
  1. Which describes how you live best?
  2. Which dragon do you like best?
  3. If a friend asks you to go get their book, what is your response?
  4. If a stranger asks you to help them, what do you do?
  5. Do you like fighting?
  6. Would you willingly do something dangerous?
  7. Is life like a game of survival to you?
  8. Would you like to breathe fire?
  9. Do you like eating?
  10. Would you take more quizzes like this to find out what type of dark dragon you are?

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Quiz topic: What kind of dark dragon am I most like?