what kind of bellybutton do you have ?

everybody has a bellybutton but people do not know how special and important they are. you can show them off by wearing belly tops or for boys, no tops take care of your bellybutton.

what kind of bellybutton do YOU have you are just about to find out you should be excited!!!

Created by: Zee Zee

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you play with your belly button?
  2. has your bellybutton changed since you were born?
  3. would you change your bellybutton?
  4. i'm running out of questions!!!
  5. should i stop the quiz?
  6. oh no
  7. stopping
  8. do you hate me now
  9. last question
  10. just kidding
  11. we are getting off the bellybutton subject aren't we ?
  12. do you like your bellybutton ?
  13. did you like this quiz?
  14. take care of your bellybutton, ok ?

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Quiz topic: What kind of bellybutton do I have ?