What Jade Winglet dragon are you?

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Finally! A quiz that doesn’t ask your favourite colour! SPOILER ALERT! READ WOF 1-10! SON! Do it. Take my quiz. BE AWSOME! I obsess over caps. SOrRy! This has to be 121 letters long so SORRY!

This is my first quiz so please no hurt feelings if I mess up or give you Kinkajou when you know your way more than that like me where your friend( s) tell you your soooo fun and that’s it but your also smart and a book worm and a hot temper.

Created by: Sunbeam

  1. Fav tribe?
  2. Why?
  3. Who do you like?
  4. Choose.
  5. This is the end. Bye!
  6. Just kidding!
  7. How do you express your WOF love?
  8. Who do you ship?
  9. Is Queen Coral evil?
  10. Good bye!

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Quiz topic: What Jade Winglet dragon am I?