What is your Warrior name?

Have you ever wondered what your name would be if you were a warrior cat? If you have, you can take this quiz to find out your warrior name, rank and Clan!

I will ask you question about your personality, and do role play questions to determine your warrior name, Clan and rank! This quiz is for both boys and girls! I also have two other quizzes "What is your Viking name," and "What is your mermaid name." you can take those to! Please leave some suggestion for my next quiz in the comments!

Created by: Peyton-Hollyleaf

  1. What Clan suits you best?
  2. Are you a boy or a girl?
  3. What is your rank in the Clan?
  4. Rp time! You are stalking a mouse in the forest, alone, when a RiverClan tom jumps across the stream, and kills the mouse. He picks it up in his jaws. You unsheathe your claws. WHen he see's you do that, he drops the mouse at your paws. "Sorry," he says. "I was just trying to help you," You....
  5. What color do you want your pelt to be?
  6. Are you introvert (shy) or extravert (not shy)?
  7. Are you better at hunting or fighting?
  8. Out of these, which name beginning do you like the best? (Won't effect your result)
  9. Out of these, what ending name do you like the best? (Won't effect your result)
  10. Hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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Quiz topic: What is my Warrior name?