What is your warrior cat ranking?

This is completely random and I have no idea what im doing. I'm new so please tell me how you liked this warrior cats quiz. Warrior Cats Rule The World!

The Warriors book series. is a series of books written by the author Erin Hunter. It is about wild cats living in sophisticated groups. They have 5 clans and their religion is The dead cats, Starclan(Heaven) and the dark forest(Hell)

Created by: Black cat
  1. What do your frends know you as?
  2. You and your freinds are going out to dinner, you order:
  3. If you had a superpower it would be:
  4. What is your favorite disney charecter?
  5. What is your clan
  6. Fave animal?
  7. Your coat is
  8. Your favourite way to annoy your friends is to:
  9. You lilke
  10. Did you like this Quiz

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Quiz topic: What is my warrior cat ranking?