What is your Theriotype accurate quiz!]

If you want to know what animal you are most like or if you think you are a therian or otherkin this is a accurate test that will help you learn that!

I took a while to make this hope you like it! I have to fill in the rest of this sooooooooo ksmjdjsjsjenwhshjenwnjdjsnsnjdjwnsndjjejejejsnjddnejjdjdjs

Created by: Hello
  1. What is your favorite animal
  2. Where do you feel connected to
  3. What animal do you think you were
  4. What’s your favorite element
  5. How would your friends describe you
  6. What is your opinion on haters
  7. What is your zodiac sign? (If you don’t know search it up it’s based on your b-day)
  8. What is your favorite subject
  9. What’s your favorite food
  10. What’s your favorite drink

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Quiz topic: What is my Theriotype accurate quiz!]