what is your ninja rank

there are many ninjas. are you a kage, or a genin. if you don't know we know your rank and tell. so don't you worry it will be shown to you soon. and have fun in here.

What is your ninja rank? are you strong enough for this? are you going to drop dead? who knows? you will in a couple seconds if your not chicken. don't be scared come on.

Created by: steven of myspace
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. ok a new sanin comes up to you and ask you if you want to be taught by me you say
  2. umm lets say you said yes or sure and the sanin skips the summoning training to the special move training how do you respond
  3. okyou and your team is on an A rank mission that started as a C rank mission and you think the next ninja would strike in any direction you
  4. you barely escape but every body is ok and the person you are supposed to help is safe do you
  5. ok the the person is done doing his job and you may go home now do you
  6. ok let's get personal favorite color
  7. did you have fun
  8. eye color(s)
  9. do you believe in santa
  10. last one which rank do you deserve

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Quiz topic: What is my ninja rank