what is your nickname?

Nicknames are cute little fun names that your friends call you. Don't know a good nickname for you? Take this quiz to find out your perfect nickname!

Nick names are cool man!!!! Bacon and cheese can even be nicknames! Enjoy my quiz guys!!! Rate it!!!!! Love ya.. . Kidding... maybe...

Created by: sodapopsuper

  1. Would you go out on a Friday night
  2. Are you tall?
  3. What would you do on a Friday night?
  4. Are you creative?
  5. If someone made fun of you would you..?
  6. High five or fist bump?
  7. Pop, country, or rap?
  8. Go out to eat or cook?
  9. Fav food
  10. Do you like to sniff stuff..?
  11. Did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: What is my nickname?