What is your funny nickname?

Many people have been looking for nicknames for along time. I hope I have now fixed that problem, but it's really hard to find a suiting nickname to share with families and friends.

I really hope this will make you laugh. I am the funny type!! So that would make me feel really bad if I made people angry or hurt because of me. And you can help me get a new nickname because I can't give myself my own nickname!! So just leave a comment!!

Created by: #1DIRECTIONER
  1. Are you a random, serious, awkward, or happy person?
  2. Are you a good friend?
  3. What is your fav color?
  4. Full in the blank: I think of myself as _______
  5. Will you comment? (this has no effect) and should I make a 1D quiz?
  6. I didn't know I had to do at least 12 questions!! I thought I had finished!!
  7. What is your fav food?
  8. I love gummy bears, marshmellows, waffles, chocolate, and unicorns!!
  10. R you hyper?

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Quiz topic: What is my funny nickname?