What is Your High School Stereotype?

There are many people in a high school.Are you just a stereotype or are you your own person? A high school stereotype is something we all have lets find out yours.

Are you a nerd nobody jock or popular for some other reason? take this quiz to find out your high school stereotype. Do it just do it now you know you want to..

Created by: chaddyk
  1. Do you consider yourself to be out spoken or uncontrolable by any means?
  2. Do you like it when you get all A's on a report cards?
  3. Would you fall for a football player? (GUYS JUST PICK NO I AM A GUY)
  4. Do you play sports?
  5. Do you feel invisible?
  6. Are you obsessed with clothes?
  7. Do you get scared when someone yells at you?
  8. Will you risk everything to get what you want?
  9. Do you feel you must be the center of attention?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (THIS QUESTION HAS NO AFFECT)

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Quiz topic: What is my High School Stereotype?