What is Your High School Stereotype?

Hi, I'm Ella Nutella, this quiz is to determine which high school stereotype you are. Don't take anything you get as an answer seriously this is just a quiz.

By the way, just saying if you do get an answer that you don't like try not to be upset about it. Because it's just a quiz, okay. Just don't be mad at me for it

Created by: ella nutella of Gossip Girl
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  1. Do you have designer stuff?
  2. Do you do your homework?
  3. Do you take selfies?
  4. Have you done "it"?
  5. Do you wear braces or glasses?
  6. Can you multiply 2787x56
  7. So how are my questions?
  8. Food or diet?
  9. Second to last. What's your favorite afterschool activity?
  10. Last Question.T.V. or Books?

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Quiz topic: What is my High School Stereotype?