What is your gender?

This is a quiz, Of course it is. But if you don't know what your gender is, this is pretty useful and... yea this is all I can really say about it. Good luck! And.. Read the questions, not just answer randomly!

Now. The more points you get, the more of a chance you end up as a girl! The less points, you have more of a chance you are a boy! Please tell me if you have problems in the comments! Have fun!

Created by: CheeseballAlien
  1. What is the prettiest color in the rainbow?
  2. Are you energetic or rather calm?
  3. You athletic?
  4. Now let's have a break...
  5. Ishf
  6. Only girls know the answer: ARE FAIRIES PRETTY??
  7. Are unicorns or dragons better???
  8. is Barbie cool?
  9. Early rating! How do you rate this quiz in emojis?
  10. Rate in numbers! (Early rating)
  11. Early rating! rate in words!
  12. You happy this is over?

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Quiz topic: What is my gender?