what is your future

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THIS QUIZ HAS RESULTS THAT ARE FOR GIRLS,BOYS TAKING THE QUIZ MAY NOT BE HAPPY WITH RESULTS OKAY?OK!I'LL TALK MORE CALM NOW there are many different things in store for everyone,some will br lucky,some not and some just lead tge average life ups and downs but what are you?or what will you be more like?maybe a succesfull person with the cutest kids ever,or maybe your life will be,well,not so good

will you marry?will he be cute?will you have kids?will tgey be cute?will you have a good job?how many times will i marry? ever asked these questions?find out!!will you be succesfull and have cute kids,well this quiz is like a lucky dip,questions like 'pick a 2 ' and you can you can choose one of 6 '2's' ,confusing?oh well just take the test snd youll see :)

Created by: abbielovesyou

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. so if you didnt read discription this test is basically testing your look and the numbers/letters/words you choose will lead to your result and its kida like a lucky dip but anyway,pick a '1'
  2. hey!
  3. pick 1 or 2
  4. pick your favorite
  5. pick a letter
  6. pick a '16'
  7. pick red or yellow
  8. pick a dot
  9. almost done
  10. pick tge age your closest to

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Quiz topic: What is my future