What is your Fire Emblem 3 Houses house?

This quiz will help you decide your house in FE3H. This quiz is purely for fun so don’t take it seriously. Finally in the next paragraph I will only write gibberish.


Created by: Anonymous
  1. Are you religious?
  2. Out of these, which is your favorite color?
  3. In RPGs, what class do you pick?
  4. What is your sexuality?
  5. A random guy that you met only a few days ago because of work says he need to take a blood sample for “research”. What do you do?
  6. What is your favorite type of meat?
  7. Do you have good aim?
  8. Which of these do you value the most?
  9. Which of this places would you like to visit?
  10. Finally, Intovert or Extovert?

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Quiz topic: What is my Fire Emblem 3 Houses house?