What is your Favorite Animal?

This quiz is to see, depending on your personallity, to see what your favorite animal is. This was my first quiz. HAVE FUN!!!

Created by: ekt5 of Howrse
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like land, water, or air animals?
  2. Do you like fur, scales, or feathers?
  3. Do you like pets?
  4. Are you different, or normal?
  5. Do You like swimming?
  6. How often do you go out side?
  7. This is just a random question. What is your favorite color? It doesn't affect your score, i just need to get to 12 questions.
  8. Do you like aniamls at all?
  9. Do You like birds, mamals,reptiles,or fish?
  10. This question will not effect yourscore.

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Quiz topic: What is my Favorite Animal?