What is Your Element and Powers? Part Two (Girls Only)

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Hello, before you want to take this quiz, how about if you take the first quiz? I will tell you one of the shorcuts to get to this quiz. You don't have to take it (it is bad quiz), but it is a good idea to take it.

This quiz is not about what's your element, but rather will you ease the pain of the boy. It involes a small, not very dangerous battle. However, someone may die.

Created by: Fire Fox

  1. Hans is absent the next day. You are wondering where he is. When you ask your friends, they tease you. "You have a crush!" your best friend says.
  2. "Why do you need him, anyway?" one of your friends asks.
  3. Your friends giggle. You get mad.
  4. Suddenly, your powers burst out of your hands. What is your power, based on the first quiz?
  5. Suddenly, time freezes. Then, you see you are not the only one. Hans is with you.
  6. Hans grabs you and tries you up. He gags you, too. He shouts his name and teleports to his rich house.
  7. He brings you his basement. He warns you, "Don't make a sound or try to escape!" Then, he leaves.
  8. You try to untie yourself. You use your powers. What powers are you using?
  9. You escape. But then, Hans's father opens the door. "I see you have escaped!"
  10. But Hans's father was quicker. He stopped your powers. "You better stop wasting time. I have stronger powers than you."
  11. You have a choice to push him out and run through the door, or stay put. What do you do?
  12. You (if picked escape) try to follow the plan, but you slipped and fall. The man laughs. "You can't escape." Then, he flicked his finger and a girl fell onto his hands.
  13. "She will die if you win. She won't die if you give up or lose. Will you do a battle with Hans?"
  14. "Sorry, you have no choice."
  15. The battle begins. Hans is better than you. Who do you think will win?
  16. You are doing your last battle move, hoping to win. What power are you using?
  17. Will you win? The result is almost ready!
  18. Part 3 will come out in December.

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Quiz topic: What is my Element and Powers? Part Two (Girls Only)