What is your Color??

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Hello everyone I am Emma and I decided to create a quiz to show YOU what YOUR color is!! I hope you enjoy and by the way if you are a content creator, you can make a video on this!

Thanks everyone for so much support and I enjoyed making this quiz. I highly recommend you make one for your self! It's really fun and easy! Thanks for reading!

Created by: Emma

  1. How do you feel on a daily basis?
  2. Are you popular at school?
  3. Do have any disorders?
  4. Do you watch tv or youtube a lot.
  5. Are you thinking about something right now?
  6. Are you feeling uneasy about this test?
  7. What is your favorite food?
  8. Does your name start with any of these letters?
  9. Do you get your nails done a lot?
  10. How do you sleep?

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Quiz topic: What is my Color??