What is your City Style?

Ever wonder what city your style is most like? Well this quiz will help you find out...i hope :) Anyways, this quiz either tells you that you are more LA, Tokyo, London, or New York.

So which city are you from? If you take this quiz you will find out! just 2 or 3 minutes is all it takes. Have fun and enjoy! Please remember to rate and leave comments :)

Created by: aszand_58

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  1. Bronzer is a must-have for your beauty routine
  2. Classy outfits that look expensive are so you!
  3. Your fave clothes have outrageous patterns.
  4. You buy most of your clothes from thrift stores.
  5. You think trends are fun but only in small doses.
  6. You tend to like cute cartoons and anime characters.
  7. Your fave movies to watch are the classics.
  8. Outdoorsy, surfers are you fave type of guys!
  9. Neon colors are the coolest, even for makeup.
  10. Boys with accents are soooo hot!
  11. You like your hair to look loose and natural.
  12. Guys look best in dressy clothes or uniforms.
  13. You fave type of music is underground indie rock.
  14. You volunteer to plan tons of events at school.
  15. Crisp, dressy fabrics are uncomfy to wear.
  16. You often pile on lots of unusual accessories.

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Quiz topic: What is my City Style?